As the voice of the British apple and pear industry, our job is to ensure everyone is aware of the latest news, developments and trends when it comes to our delicious top fruit.

Here are some of our key roles and responsibilities:

All of our growers have a voice and we make sure that their views are heard. This includes working closely with key UK ministers and Government departments, the Department of Health and the Pesticides Safety Directorate.

This means we can discuss any issues which could affect our growers as soon as possible and work together to find a solution.
On an international scale, we’re members of the Copa Cogeca Fruit and Vegetable Committee, the Apples and Pears Sub-Group and the EC Committee of Experts. This means our growers’ views are not only considered at home, but also by European decision-making bodies.

We’re also members of the World Apples and Pears Association, which gives our growers and retailers access to accurate crop forecasts, monthly stock updates and consumption data.

Substantial investment has been made in recent times, revolutionising the production of British apples and pears.

As an industry, we understand the physiology of fruits and can ensure that they are picked at just the right time. From professionals who set the date for harvest, to grading equipment that collects images of the insides of apples, our experts guide the entire process, so every apple and pear is in peak condition when it hits the shelves.

Although the British apple season is typically from September to May, there’s no such thing as down time.

Our growers work hard year round to maintain their orchards – so it’s only fair our Great British Apples PR campaign does the same. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is kept up to date with the latest British apple-related news throughout the year, so they know when their favourite varieties are available to buy.

That includes the trade, media and our customers. From recipe placement, to sampling, to working directly with retailers and social media influencers, our promotional campaign lets people know just how tasty, versatile and healthy our British apples are.

Our Promotional Committee is made up of representatives from each of the major marketing groups who are key to the success of our industry.

They meet regularly to discuss the direction they want the industry to take, ensure the smooth running of operations and compile crop forecasts and monthly updates of British apple stocks. Click here to meet our hard-working and dedicated members.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without support from our growers, who fund the Great British Apples PR campaign through voluntary levies.

Wherever possible, grant aid (European and National) is obtained and activities are organised so that contributions are eligible for inclusion in Producer Organisations’ operating programmes.