Apple News

We are British Apples & Pears

We are British Apples & Pears – a dynamic organisation of apple and pear growers who work together to supply a delicious, high quality and sustainably-grown British crop, year after year.

Find your perfect apple

Ever felt spoilt for choice, and not sure which Great British apple to buy? Take our quick and easy quiz to find your perfect apple.

Apple benefits

We’ve all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – and for good reason.

Apples are good for gut health, naturally fat free and keep you fuller for longer!

Pear benefits

Many reputable universities and institutes around the world have researched the health attributes of pears, showcasing their nutritional benefits and role in helping people to maintain a balanced diet.

Pears are full of fibre and low in fat and calories. They are especially good for pregnant mothers to be!

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