Apples the ‘new’ superfood

Take a fresh look at the humble British apple. They not only taste delicious, they're a superfood. Almost every day new scientific research is published that justifies the old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Apples are great for our hearts, guts and skin. Eating a whole apple, skin and all, is a great way of boosting the essential vitamins and minerals we all need to stay healthy.

The health attributes already established for apples include:

There are so many reasons to enjoy British apples. British apples are the best tasting in the world and they're grown right here at home. And, as this research shows, they're also an amazing superfood.

Checkout health resources from Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation - for their top 10 apple recipes.

Finally, make sure you're choosing British apples in the supermarket. That way you're keeping your food miles low as well as supporting British farmers and your own healthy body.



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