BAPL House of Lords Horticulture Committee evidence and report

On 20th April 2023, Executive Chair of British Apples & Pears Limited, Ali Capper, gave oral evidence to the House of Lords Horticulture Committee.

The oral evidence was a follow-up to written evidence already submitted to the Committee by BAPL. 

Read the BAPL written evidence.

As Ali explained to the House of Lords Horticulture Committee:

“The shopper seems to be being charged more, but the money isn’t coming back down to the farm gate. There’s something wrong in the supply chain.”

“Growers need certainty. The trees we plant this year, we ordered two years ago. They won’t come into full production for another five or six years. You won’t hit profitability until year 12 or 13. We’re taking massive risks and we need certainty, especially around seasonal labour.”

Click here to watch the Parliament TV recording of the BAPL evidence session.

6 NOVEMBER 2023: UPDATE: Click here to access the final House of Lords Horticulture Committee report from this inquiry.

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