‘Expecting pear-ents’ take note: Leading nutritionist outlines why pears should be part of a healthy diet when you’re pregnant

Top nutritionist Lily Soutter partnered with British Apples and Pears to promote the benefits of consuming pears throughout pregnancy. A relatively unknown fact, Lily says pears are one of the safest foods to consume during the early stages of pregnancy, as they are low in calories and contain fibre, folate, potassium and vitamin C which are all essential for the development of a healthy pregnancy.

Just one pear provides 20% of our daily fibre requirement, crucial for digestive health, which is often sluggish during pregnancy. Getting enough fibre in a pregnancy diet aids the functioning of the digestive system, to help ease constipation. Pears are also a tasty way for expectant mothers to consume vital nutrients such as potassium, folate, vitamin C and vitamin K, all of which alongside a nourishing diet, contribute to our daily requirements. In addition, when it comes to introducing your baby to solids, pears are a great fruit to try in the early stages of weaning.

Pears can be consumed alone as a healthy snack or as part of a meal. Soutter suggests trying a simple, yet delicious grilled mackerel and pear salad recipe, served with sliced fennel, lemon juice, watercress, pumpkin seeds and creme fraiche. This refreshing salad is full of essential omega-3 fats, which are crucial for the development of the baby’s brain and eyes. Or for those looking for a morning pick me up, start your day with a delicious bowl of yoghurt, topped with sliced pear and a dash of honey.  

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