British Apples and Pears are encouraging consumers to buy British apples over imported varieties as an environmentally friendly choice, in a bid to reduce food miles

British apples are the best choice a shopper can make – they are affordable, they store brilliantly in the fridge, they are nutritious, and they have low food miles which means they are not just kind to our wallets but are also kind to our environment.

Transporting fruit and vegetables from abroad, including apples, more than doubles their production-related greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, food mile emissions are currently 3.5-3.7 times higher than previous estimates, so localising our food supply, including home-grown apples, is an important step we can take to reduce emissions and benefit the environment as a result.

British Apples and Pears wants to encourage British consumers to help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by choosing British apples over imported varieties. Equally, British supermarkets also need to respond to this demand and stock them as much of the year as possible.

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