British Apples & Pears to publish monthly sales data

British apple retailer of the year to be announced in September 2023

British Apples & Pears Limited (BAPL) will start publishing monthly apple sales data on its website from February 2023.

The data, aggregated from BAPL member returns, will show the tonnages of British apples harvested from the 2022 apple crop, sold by growers to British supermarkets. It will reveal which UK supermarket is buying the most British apples from UK growers.

“British retailers say they want to support British, and this data will reveal those retailers that really are buying British.” Explained BAPL executive chair, Ali Capper. “We know from previous data that Aldi, for example, sold more British apples than any other supermarket in the year ending July 2022. We are now well into the sales year for the 2022 British apple crop and with this new monthly data we’ll have a much more current picture of British apple sales by supermarket.”

The monthly BAPL data will be aggregated at the end of the growing year (in late Summer 2023) to enable BAPL to announce its British apple retailer of the year.

“It’s going to be fascinating to see which supermarket comes out on top this season,” said Capper. “It’s so important all our supermarkets get behind British farmers and our wonderful British apples. We know that consumers want British if at all possible. When we have such wonderful fruit available in good quantities, that will store well, there really is no reason to look overseas.”

The first monthly UK apple sales data can be viewed at

New monthly sales data will be published in the third week of the following month. For example, February 2023 British apple sales data will be published during week commencing 20th March 2023.

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