A new apple just for Brexit day

To mark Brexit Day, British Apples & Pears renamed an apple, for just 24 hours.

The special apple was christened EOS, after the Greek goddess of dawn. It was naturally branded with its new name and the union jack by the team oat Scripps and distributed to journalists and politicians outside Parliament on the 31st of January 2020.

Small hampers of apples were also delivered to the Prime Minister at Number 10, to radio stations, TV studios and major newspaper and publishing editors. They were accompanied by information reminding us that apples are our national fruit and what more fitting way to welcome the new era than to take a bite of a delicious EOS apple. A true Boris bite!

News about the Brexit apple achieved a reach of more than 227 million. This include the key message of eating an apple a day.

Great British apples will continue to be promoted throughout 2020 as we share the health benefits of eating British apples and pears.

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